Circtools is a software for circRNA research that covers the complete workflow of circRNA of detection, analysis, primer and siRNA design for follow-up wet lab experiments.


SARUMAN is a software to align short sequencing reads against a genomic reference. To speed up the normally time-consuming alignment an NVIDIA graphics card is used exploit the massive parallel architecture of new graphics processing units (GPUs).

circtools—a one-stop software solution for circular RNA research

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) originate through back-splicing events from linear primary transcripts, are resistant to exonucleases, are not polyadenylated, and have been shown to be highly specific for cell type and developmental stage. CircRNA detection …

Computational approaches for circular RNA analysis

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a recent addition to the expanding universe of RNA species and originate through back-splicing events from linear primary transcripts. CircRNAs show specific expression profiles with regards to cell type and developmental …

Exact and complete short-read alignment to microbial genomes using Graphics Processing Unit programming

The introduction of next-generation sequencing techniques and especially the high-throughput systems Solexa (Illumina Inc.) and SOLiD (ABI) made the mapping of short reads to reference sequences a standard application in modern bioinformatics. …