Our lab focuses on the interplay of coding and non-coding RNAs, such as the novel class of circular RNAs in heart disease.

Moreover, we develop new computational tools that can be used by other researchers in their field of interest.

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Circular RNA course at the EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany

Tobias is invited to present his work on circtools at 2022 installment of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) circular RNA course: Methods for analysis of circRNAs: from discovery to function. Cluster sneak peak

Lab receives a Dell Precision Workstation

The Lab received a powerful workstation from Dell to evaluate and develop bioinformatics solutions using Intel’s oneAPI . We’re happy to be part of the seed program and excited about the new possibilities!

TWO BIO5 Rapid Grant Awards

The Lab received grant funding from the University of Arizona BIO5 Institute in a joint effort with Dr. Shirin Doroudgar’s Lab to work on circular RNAs.

Moreover, the lab received a second BIO5 Rapid grant to establish a new bioinformatic analysis to develop a diagnostic test for schizophrenia together with Dr. Amelia Gallitano’s Lab.


Circular RNAs
Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a novel class of RNAs that usually originate from within genes and are unique due to their circularity. The lab studies effects of circRNAs in the healthy and diseased heart and develops software for circRNA research.
Circular RNAs
Circtools is a software for circRNA research that covers the complete workflow of circRNA of detection, analysis, primer and siRNA design for follow-up wet lab experiments.
SARUMAN is a software to align short sequencing reads against a genomic reference. To speed up the normally time-consuming alignment an NVIDIA graphics card is used exploit the massive parallel architecture of new graphics processing units (GPUs).

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jakobi is bioinformatician trained with an emphasis on the interconnection of wet lab research and computational research. His academic and research training included eukaryotic biology, genome research, and wet lab training in addition to comprehensive training in theoretical and applied bioinformatics to allow the fluent communication between wet lab and bioinformatics.

I am working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and in the new Translational Cardiovascular Research Center (TCRC) at The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix .

  • Computational RNA biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Networks and functions of RNAs in the heart
  • Systems cardiology
  • High performance computing
  • Dr. rer. nat. in Bioinformatics, 2014

    Bielefeld University, Germany

  • MSc in Bioinformatics & Genome Research, 2009

    Bielefeld University, Germany

  • BSc in Bioinformatics & Genome Research, 2007

    Bielefeld University, Germany

The Team

Principal Investigator


Tobias Jakobi

Assistant Professor

Computational RNA biology, Bioinformatics, Networks and functions of RNAs in the heart, Systems cardiology, High performance computing

Lab Members


Cecily Haskell

Research Professional


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We are looking for a Postdoctoral Research Associate, Master’s and PhD students.

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